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A Software Developer is an individual who is directly involved with developing codes and techniques for the development of a software that is meant to serve the world. Software Developers are directly associated with the development of the full-proof program, starting from the design analysis to coding. So, let us get to know about one such Software Developer Emma Stanley.

Software developers are deeply rooted to the all-round development of full-proof software. Starting from laying the basic framework of the software to actual implementation of core programming which is one of the most integral segments of the development phase was what entirely done by her.

After the procurement of the initial requirement specifications from the clients, the developers try to realize the job from client into reality. You will know how Emma Stanley could grow into a Software Developer in the subsequent phases.

A Brief History about her Early Interest:

Emma Stanley is the younger daughter of her fathers’ two daughters. She had been a very mischievous student from her childhood. But, being extremely intelligent she managed to grab on to study materials with ease. Since her childhood, she had a strong craving for computers. This wonderful invention by Charles Babbage used to impress her a lot. With her growing, her cravings turned to passion. This increasing love for this noble invention made her slowly learn tricks and techniques that were unknown to a lot of adults too. She used to always see her uncle who used to show her great new projects done by him that were essential and effective both. Her uncle could understand the deep underlying love of Emma towards these computers. She could learn a lot on computers and amazingly she could adapt the basic developing languages like C, C++ and Java at the very early age.

Education and Job

She got her Bachelor’s degree on engineering from the department of computer science; being a wonderful learner she managed a job early. All her fellow employees were extremely impressed with her talent. Emma was successful in developing her first stand-alone application software meant for the world within the first year of her job career! She had an amazingly logical thinking Capability that she could use effectively for her own benefit. She was in-charge of maintenance of her own software.

New Epitome of Success

Emma Stanley soon after getting recognition started her own small firm where she would work for herself. She always wanted to pursue something that would be of her own. At the initial days, she would work hard for days and nights for the development of her own organization. Success doesn’t come in a day something we all will agree. Emma worked skillfully for many years and her skillful development lead the beginning of a new era. The Stanley House, which the world knows today, was Emma’s small firm that day.

With outstanding hunger for knowledge and extreme hard work coupled with good understanding and intelligent developing, Emma Stanley has grown up to be a big name today!